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Brooch Bouquets

These stunning brooch bouquets are meticulously handcrafted and each one is a unique one-off piece. They are keepsakes that will last forever, unlike flowers. Your wedding day will be the most memorable day of your life, why not add that little extra touch to complement your bridal gown?

Breathtaking Brooch Bouquets For Your Special Day

These products are lovingly handmade by myself. I enjoy being able to create these show-stopping pieces that evoke a sense of childhood delight and wonder, all of which I believe exists inside us all.

If you want a bridal accessory to accompany your special day which will also become the talk of the town, then definitely consider a brooch bouquet. These are one of a kind and capture the true essence of your wedding day. They ooze appeal, class and uniqueness which will attract attention for all the right reasons… with designs ranging from romantic pink, vivacious red, ethereal gold or stunning silver, there is something to suit all tastes.

I am an artisan with a penchant for anything that is related to love, beauty, fairytales, whimsy, sparkling gems and jewels. All of these qualities are encompassed within my creativity and designs, resulting in the finished product of these limited edition brooch bouquets.

As a perfectionist, l ensure that my brooch bouquets are always eye-catching and of excellent quality. Prophecii is located in the UK, with an international customer base within: Dubai, Canada, America, Southern Ireland, Australia and various other locations.

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch Bouquets To Fall In Love With

These brooch bouquets are handcrafted keepsakes which will leave you mesmerised. Their exclusive design can comprise of, but are not limited to: jewels, gems, pearls, flowing fabric, shells and vintage jewellery, all of which will take your breath away. They are available in heart shaped, teardrop shaped and posy shaped designs.

Prophecii Brooch Bouquets will hold a special place on your wedding day and will draw admiring glances and whispers as they leave your guests in star-struck awe. The sparkle and bling will look just as stunning in daylight as well as enchantingly mysterious after dark. These products are definitely statement pieces which are not shy of demanding your attention.

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch Bouquets – A Perfect Wedding And Bridal Accessory

As more and more brides are opting for brooch bouquets as a wedding accessory, they offer the perfect alternative to fresh flowers, which only keep their lustre for a short time; they are timeless, they can be handed down to the next generation as well as kept as a display showpiece in your new home.

I pour my heart and soul into creating these pieces and love that they play a small part on the most special occasion ever in a person’s life, their wedding.

Although brooch bouquets are mainly used on wedding days, they are suitable for other special occasions close to ones heart, such as;

Wedding gifts


Wedding anniversaries

Birthday gifts

Graduation gifts


You can feel assured that when you own a Prophecii Brooch Bouquet you are taking away a piece which is handcrafted with immense detail, love and affection, leaving a legacy of memories and magic.

I have always believed in true love, destiny and the happily ever after; I hope these brooch bouquets have a special place in your heart on your wedding day.

Brooch Bouquets